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Explore Wikinomics with Anthony Williams

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This year's must-read book is Wikinomics ('Wikinomics'&sterm=Wikinomics+-+Books). And the book's co-author, Anthony Williams (, will be our guest speaker at the February Third Monday.

Wikinomics pulls together and reorders into coherent patterns the disruptive changes in community and collaboration that we associate with social media.

"Twenty years from now we will look back at this period of the early twenty-first century as a critical turning point in economic and social history. We will understand that we entered a new age, one based on new principles, worldviews, and business models where the nature of the game was changed."

"...profound changes in the nature of technology, demographics, and the global economy are giving rise to powerful new models of production based on community, collaboration, and self-organization rather than on hierarchy and control."

"... four principles - openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally - increasingly define how twenty-first-century corporations compete."

"... firms that cultivate nimble, trust-based relationships with external collaborators are positioned to form vibrant business ecosystems that create value more effectively than hierarchically organized businesses."

"While the old Web was about Web sites, clicks and "eyeballs," the new Web is about the communities, participation and peering."

"A power shift is underway, and a tough new business rule is emerging: Harness the new collaboration or perish."

Wikinomics speaks directly to the collaborative and creative challenges and opportunities that are sweeping through marketing and communications. If this interests you, don't miss our session with Anthony Williams.

58 The Esplanade · Toronto, ON